Show Girl Body 2017 Online Workshop!

Join us now - join any time - work out at home or anywhere!

This is your year to claim the body of your dreams and feel beautiful and womanly. Want to enjoy working out with Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp but unable to get to our class? We have designed an eight week program filled with simple workouts that combine a little burlesque, a real workout, a sprinkling of advice and a little humor - all designed to get you in shape. Every week we release new workouts and tips to keep you on a targeted program to get results. This is not about deprivation - it is about feeling healthy and gorgeous. We want you to imagine you are a sexy, sassy showgirl - getting ready for your next big thing. That's the truth anyway - aren't we all dreaming of our next big thing? What is yours? How do you see yourself this spring? What adventures are waiting for you? What would you go for if you really felt confident in your own skin? Able to wear what you want? Enjoying the attention of being looked at? Knowing your own worth? That is quite a lot to wrap your head around. We know it. Getting into shape has a lot of emotional significance. It's nothing to do with being a stick or starving yourself - it's more about embracing your best womanliness. Embracing health and making yourself a priority. We want to help. We want to hold your hand through this process. Sign up today and start working out with us. Let us help you make your dreams a reality.