Sacred sensual Showgirl  Workshop Fall 2017

A performance class where you create your own Sacred, Sensual Showgirl Solo Performance - from scratch.


  • 5 Evening Sessions in a professional dance studio developing your Sacred Sensual Showgirl persona and solo performance with special guest stars sprinkled along the way.
  • One Private Choreography Studio Session (or via Skype or zoom for commuters) with either Pink Champagne or Lady Chardonnay.
  • One Private Soul Styling Session with Dame Lori to create your vision and birth that in the most sacred sensual way.
  • One Ticket to attend the biggest show of The New York Burlesque Festival at BB Kings, featuring Lady Chardonnay, Pink Champagne and The Pink Chardonnays, Saturday, 9/23.
  • A Tech Dress Rehearsal (TBA) at The Triad to prepare you to own the spotlight.
  • Your on stage debut; owning your Sacred Sensual Showgirl performance, surrounded by your showgirls, friends and family!
  • Complimentary Performance Photos. A special SSS Photo Shoot package will be offered, too.

Pink champagne

lady chardonnay

dame lori

class details:

This workshop is taught by Lady Chardonnay,

Pink Champagne & Dame Lori.

Are you looking for a little push to the next level of self love?
Would you like a chance to create your own showgirl persona from the ground up?
How would you like to shine in your spotlight, dancing your own solo on stage in NYC?
Be a part of a daring dozen of real women interested in full glorification?

"Everything I created in that first class as I was finding my persona came to happen in my real life. I can't tell who's who anymore. I am a Sacred Sensual Showgirl. That’s how I walk, that’s how I talk, that's how I wake up. I can't go back. I love it. What a feeling!”
- Queen SSS

With the help of the legendary trio; Lady Chardonnay, Pink Champagne & Dame Lori, we will help you dig deep and put together your gorgeous, stage worthy heroine. What era is she from? How does she carry herself? Is she a diva or a coquette? How does she dress? How does she move? We will help you build your stage persona from the ground up, aid you in selecting and editing music that suits you, and help you in choreographing a number that suits your unique personality and skills (no dance background required.) We will practice developing your stage presence, the art of the tease and the sacred embodiment of your true showgirl self into your dance and life. Dame Lori will work on developing your unique soul style while Lady C and Pink Champagne will do whatever it takes to get your number ready for a performance you feel proud of and fulfilled by. The culminating night takes place in an Off-Broadway Theater, called The Triad, where you will be drenched in ritual and magic as you give birth to your inner super heroine. Solo. On Stage. Sacred. Sensual. Showgirl.

"SSS was so memorable for me on so many levels. I understand and can feel deep down how powerful this journey was for me, for each of us as individuals and as a group. I am so grateful. I have tears running down my cheeks. I finally got it… and not a minute sooner! I honestly feel like I can do anything right now.”
- Lollipop Dream

Sacred Sensual Showgirl is co-directed by Sally Blenkey-Tchassova & Teresa Kliokis-White, co-founders of Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp and Lori Sutherland, founder of Dame Lori Unlimited. Our mission is to invite you to dig deep over 6 weeks and unearth a gorgeous, stage-worthy heroine culminating in your solo performance at The Triad, an Off-Broadway Theater in NYC. We will guide you through the whole rehearsal process while teaching you skills such as the art of the tease, soul styling, basic choreography, stage presence and sacred embodiment. Our group will be your cheerleaders as you take the stage to reveal the superstar that you are! There is no dance experience necessary. All that is required is an open mind and a fun spirit!
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About the teachers:

Since 2010 Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp has brought their modern vision of burlesque to the stage, producing shows in New York, Las Vegas, and all along the east coast. Created by professional dancers Lady Chardonnay aka Sally Blenkey-Tchassova and Pink Champagne aka Teresa Kliokis White, the duo has successfully helped women all over the world make their stage debut! Their mission is to empower women of all ages, shapes and sizes to get in touch with their sensuality through the art of dance…finding the perfection in their reflection. They have launched to fame appearing on The Today Show, A-List NY and in the New York Burlesque Festival, Montreal Burlesque Festivals and in their own production in Las Vegas. They are inspiring enough to be the stars of a documentary called "On Stage", directed by Sister Goddess Betsy Blankenbaker.

Dame Lori aka Lori Sutherland has over 30 year’s experience in the fields of fashion activism, divine feminine leadership and compassionate care. Dame Lori's mission is to educate and inspire all to adore, adorn and astonish themselves with soul-filled spiritual skills practicing and experiencing the arts and sciences of pleasure and sensuality.

"I am a Sacred Sensual Showgirl!
I tantalized my Seductress out to play and she said BOOM!
I am a Bad-ass Bitch!
I am Smokin’ Hot beyond words!
My life story was revealed on that stage!
I owned it!
I embodied I AM.
I felt channeled in the moment in utter perfection!
I envisioned this two years ago and this show is only the beginning!
There is so much more to come!”
- Succulent La La Luminosity