About Lady Chardonnay & Pink Champagne


Lady Chardonnay grew up in England and was always passionate about dancing and performing. She is a mother of two daughters and she feels passionate about helping other women feel comfortable in their own skin. So many women let their happiness and self worth be defined by their age or weight, or trying to fit into an unrealistic box that the media would have us think we should fit into. Her message is that womanliness and realness is sexy, it is so important to look in the mirror and see what is beautiful about you right now rather than to try and shrink yourself to fit someone else's messed up ideals. She finds making choreography and dancing with a fun group of ladies to be the ideal anecdote.

Her background is in musical theatre and competitve latin and ballroom dance. She loves to speak about issues relevant to women, and to choreograph, produce and perform, She feels it is amazing to be creating live art in New York City right now and to have the opportunity to travel and perform.

Meet Pink Champagne! - She has spent her life studying and 
performing all types of dance including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Ballroom, Hip 
Hop, Burlesque and Yoga.  She is known around NYC for her ability to 
quickly choreograph and deliver creative routines to dancers, beginners, 
and groups that has them performing in no time.  Her favorite things are 
the color pink and anything that glitters!  Her goal is to share with 
everyone the joy of dance.

Pink Champagne has her BFA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan 
College in New York City.  She has also trained with Princeton Ballet 
School, Atlantic Contemporary Ballet Theatre, Peridance, Broadway Dance 
Center, and Lori Belilove & Co.  Currently she continues her studies in 
dance and yoga at many of the top studios in NYC.



About our Classes, Shows and parties


Lady Chardonnay and Pink Champagne started teaching burlesque based exercise classes to real women back in 2010. Our goal was to create a fun workout that as well as creating a sexy sweat, also opened up our minds to understand that there is no shame in being womanly. Our class is about finding beauty where you are at, rock those curves, or be a skinny bombshell - don't let age or weight define you. You are gorgeous, right now, as you are - so own it!

Classes: We teach our signature Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp class that consists of a sassy showgirl warm up, followed by 25 minutes of outrageous bodacious exercise (think calisthenics, ballet, yoga, plyometrics, hi intensity training - all mixed up and different every time - followed by 25 minutes learning a fun and easy to follow burlesque inspired dance. All levels are welcome.

We also teach Burlesque Solo intensives. Do you want to be a glamorous showgirl? What is your burlesque name, how does she dress? who is she? how does she walk and talk? What era is she from? Is she playful and naughty? Is she evil and bad - or sweet as candy? In our burlesque solo class you will find that out. Also included: how to choose and edit music, how to create choreography, how to add drama, surprises, sparkle and sizzle. And - the grand finale, you will get to perform your brand new show number on stage in NYC. Live the dream.

Private Parties: Want something sexy and playful at your next shower, bachelorette party or corporate event? What about a mini burlesque class? A great group activity that we can custom create to make as PG13 or naughty as you would like. A great bonding experience full of laughs and sexiness. We can add performances, strippers etc to customize your event to your needs.