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    Welcome to a workout that could change your life for the better!

    A combination of a physical work-out that blends aerobics and dance …with the burlesque Art of “the tease”.

    Working out has never been this much fun! Burlesque Fitness at it's best!

    Class Prices:
Pure Tease Class
    Single Class $20

Original Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp Workout
    Single Class $15
    3 Classes for $42
    5 Classes for $65
    10 Classes for $125

About the Workout:
    BURLESQUE = our inspired dances
    BIKINI = our cool-down for that toned bikini bod
    BOOTCAMP = our glistening warm-up

    Each 1 hour workout is designed for all women and consists of a combination of exercises, with a delicious
    burlesque twist, that will elevate your heart rate and burn calories!!! After a 25 minute aerobic BOOTCAMP
    warm-up we spend 25 minutes learning a fun & sexy BURLESQUE inspired dance routine that is completely
    suitable for non-dancers and complete beginners – but challenging enough for an experienced dancer to
    enjoy.  We finish with abs and a cool down to tone that BIKINI body!

    Everything is done in the spirit of loving your body as it is right now.  We work to get into our best shape
    ever – with loving and playful appreciation for our body as it is right now.  Our goal is to play with the idea of
    working our best assets while on the road to even greater physical fitness.  Our exercises are drawn from
    various cultures including burlesque, jazz, ballet and yoga! The ultimate in Burlesque Fitness.

    Classes are weekly:
    Mondays @ 6:00pm & 7:00pm
    Wednesdays @ 6:00pm & 7:00pm
    Saturday @ 3:00pm

    *Preregistration is Required for all Classes
    *Ladies only please
    *Single Class is $15

    Class Location:
    Chelsea Studios
    151 West 26th Street
    New York City, NY 10001
    *Studio number posted on lobby wall

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"Helping women fall in love with their reflection one shimmy at a time"
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email us at info@burlesquebikinibootcamp.com
What students are saying...

"I lost 10 Pounds!"
"I hate the gym but I love taking these classes"
"Fun and not intimidating! It helped me to break out of my
shell and get over my aversion to group classes"
"How fun and uplifting they are!"
"It's up beat and the class moves! It doesn't feel like a work
until the next day"

See what audience members are saying...

"The most fun Burlesque Show in NYC"
"The Pink Chardonnays are a bunch of beauties"
"A great girls night out or dinner with friends!"
"Very classy and fun night out! Get a table and enjoy!
Sweetie is hilarious"
"We make it a date night and never miss a show"
Upcoming Events:
The Pink Chardonnays
Sign Ups! are HERE!!!
Sign Up now for a year of dancing fun! Perform as a team with
the Pink Chardonnays.
The 2015 Pink Chardonnays Dance Team
Membership is an easy way to sign up once a year for ALL of the
Pink Chardonnays dances.

$999 or $850 (Early Bird) Membership Includes:
    • Unlimited Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp Classes
    • Makin’ Whoopie Comedy Show – An International
    Women's Day Event - Bethesda, MD March 6th, 2015
    • Jean Idelle Tribute Show - LIC, NY April 4th, 2015
    •The Montreal Burlesque Festival - Montreal, QE Oct 10th -
    12th, 2015
    •Pink Chardonnay’s Summer Burlesque Show @ Le Poisson
    Rouge Date TBD
    •Pink Chardonnay’s Holiday Burlesque Show @ Le Poisson
    Rouge Date TBD
    *Please note rehearsals will be Monday nights and some
    Wednesdays nights @ 7:00pm at Chelsea Studios.
    *Solo opportunities will also become available throughout
    the year if you desire to perform a solo.

$850 – Early Bird - Discounted rate if PAID IN FULL
$999 – with the PAYMENT PLAN (Moving forward the payment
plan is three payments of $333 each! Simply follow the payment
link and choose “payment plan” at checkout.)

What if I only want to dance in 1 number?
You can still sign up ala-carte to dance in our shows. The
individual links to sign up for a single dance will be listed below
the membership. Just click on each link separately to sign up.

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